A Random Act of Kindness

Today is our 2nd year wedding anniversary. My husband and I decided to go for a morning coffee at a shopping mall close to our home. While we were having our coffee, we spotted this very old couple walking towards to the coffee shop. They looked really adorable together. There was something really special about them. My husband and I are very fond of old couples and they always bring a smile to our faces. When we see old couples, we end up talking about how we would be when we grow old together.

The old man sat down at a table next to us while the woman stood in the line to buy their morning coffee. My husband, Anuj turned to me and said, “Baby, I’m going to buy them coffee”. I was a little reluctant at first. I always feared what if they took our act of kindness the wrong way. Ignoring my thoughts, Anuj stood up and went to the old man and said “We would like to buy coffee for you and your wife”. The old man smiled and said “for sure, you’re very kind”. He just couldn’t help but to smile and continued chatting with us.

The old man told us that he was 93 years old and that he and his wife have been married for 70 plus years. We were really astonished with how long they have been married for. Anuj asked him “What’s the secret to your long and happy marriage?” The old man replied, be pleasant, kind and respectful towards each other. And he continued “When a woman says “No”, she means Maybe and when a woman says “Maybe”, she means “Yes” and when a woman says “Yes”, she’s not a woman. We had a good laugh.

He also shared a marriage joke with us.

“A couple was married for 50 years and they were called for a TV interview. The interviewer asked the woman, “Have you both ever had any arguments”. The woman replied, “Yes, we only had one argument”. The interviewer was surprised that over 50 years of marriage they only had one argument. But the woman continued, “We only had one argument and we are still arguing about it till today!”

How funny was that? We were so joyful being in their company. Although it was a short conversation, it really amazes me how much an old person can share with us. Their life experiences and wisdom are always to be learned from and cherished. My husband and I had such a great conversation and good laugh with this old couple. What can I say? A random act of kindness can put a smile on another person’s face and brighten our day.

On this beautiful day of our 2nd year marriage anniversary, I just wanted to thank God to have matched me with a man with a kind heart and strong values in life. I am very lucky to have someone who always pushes me to my limits to achieve greatness in my life. You are my guiding light, my pillar of strength and my protector. Thank you for always loving and supporting me. I want to grow old with you my dear husband. Happy Anniversary.

What’s your random acts of kindness??? Feel free to share your story!

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