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Spicy Tofu Sambal

 Vegetarian | Vegan | Malaysian Recipe

I cook lots of vegetarian food at home and Tofu (or Bean Curd) is one of my favourite! An excellent source of protein, amino acids, iron, calcium and other micro-nutrients, tofu is a great ingredient with many health benefits.

Fast facts on tofu

  • Tofu is an important source of protein for many vegetarians and vegans
  • It may help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol
  • It may offer relief for certain symptoms of menopause
  • Tofu may reduce the risk of cancer – it contains a soy isoflavone called genistein which can increase the activity of a protein p53 which suppresses tumour growth and can cause cell death of cancer cells – Tofu is regularly consumed in Japan – a country where the risk of breast cancer is the lowest, compared to western countries.
  • Low in calories – One block of tofu (250gm) contains approximately 177 calories

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